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According to some studies 170 million new electrical items are purchase in the UK each year, but we currently recycle less than a third of these when they come to the end of their lifecycle. Electrical and electronic equipment is made up of a wide variety of materials, many of which can be reused (for example, there’s enough steel in an iron to produce 13 steel cans). By recycling your old and unwanted electrical items, you’re doing your bit to help the environment by preventing potentially hazardous waste from entering landfill and causing soil and water contamination.

We can collect any IT related item. In above asked question you can see which electrical item can be recycled by looking at white bin loge with cross over it. Its a long list for IT items but in short you can name it and we will be able to recycle it for you.

Recycling electrical goods is usually a straightforward process thanks to the variety of options available:

  • You can contact us and we can arrange a local collection for you
  • Take your item to your local recycling centre.
  • Under the terms of the WEEE directive, all retailers must provide a way for customers to dispose of their old household electrical and electronic equipment when they sell them a new version of the same item, either through a collection service or a store take-back scheme.
  • Some councils offer a household recycling collection service for small electrical items; contact your local authority for more details.

Why recycle electrical items?

What is the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions, them your electrical item can be recycled:

  • Does it have a plug?
  • Does it use a charger?
  • Does it use batteries?
  • Does it carry the WEEE wheelie bin logo (a crossed out wheelie bin)?

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, which was first introduced in 2007, governs how manufacturers and retailers in European countries behave in regards to recycling. The regularly-updated WEEE directive is designed to ensure that less harmful electrical waste is sent to landfill; though the regulations don’t directly affect consumers, they do ultimately make it simpler for you to recycle your old electrical goods.

‘Can it be recycled?’ checklist

Do you an IT item list that you collect?

How do I recycle my electrical item?